Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Works in Progress

Little Black Dog. I'm really excited about this. I've never been a fan of waste. And now with the environmental crisis fully upon us I'm trying to further lessen my impact on the environment: Using water soluable oils without turpentine or paint thinners, Using "Ooops! paint" from the hardware stores, and reusing old canvases and wood panels. This led to the idea to use scrap wood and construction materials from my home renovation to make some primitive/whimsical works. Even using old nails and screws to fasten the pieces of material to the frame. Can't wait to see where this leads. This particular one is the beginning of my little terrier mix, Rushmore.

Here's my current palette. (1 of about 7 that I have laying around)

The damn boxes are back. They are not really shadow boxes nor are they really dioramas. I'm officially calling them, "Dang! Boxes" This in reference to when I was first making them years ago, my Dad would comment on my traditional paintings saying how much better they were than my "damn boxes" I'll post better shots of the interior later.

chunky colors still never leave me. A new flower painting in it's beginning stages. Much left to be done on this one. Working on a new abstract series of these small pieces. More to come!


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