Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Chunk

These are starting to come along. Layers are starting to develop. I kind of thought they might be too simple and abstract, but with the second layer, the previous colors seep through give them more depth and I'm really liking them. They are supposed to be interpretations of plant like beings. Gotta let them dry a bit...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Works in Progress

Little Black Dog. I'm really excited about this. I've never been a fan of waste. And now with the environmental crisis fully upon us I'm trying to further lessen my impact on the environment: Using water soluable oils without turpentine or paint thinners, Using "Ooops! paint" from the hardware stores, and reusing old canvases and wood panels. This led to the idea to use scrap wood and construction materials from my home renovation to make some primitive/whimsical works. Even using old nails and screws to fasten the pieces of material to the frame. Can't wait to see where this leads. This particular one is the beginning of my little terrier mix, Rushmore.

Here's my current palette. (1 of about 7 that I have laying around)

The damn boxes are back. They are not really shadow boxes nor are they really dioramas. I'm officially calling them, "Dang! Boxes" This in reference to when I was first making them years ago, my Dad would comment on my traditional paintings saying how much better they were than my "damn boxes" I'll post better shots of the interior later.

chunky colors still never leave me. A new flower painting in it's beginning stages. Much left to be done on this one. Working on a new abstract series of these small pieces. More to come!

Welcome to the new Painting Blog!

After much thought about: the interwebs, painting, art, social networking, my new iphone, getting rid of internet at the house because of web/data plan for said iphone, improving my networking capabilities without rendering my eyeballs and right arm useless from too much computer work and thus hinder my art, I've decided it would be in my best interest to move my blogging platform to a more user friendly and wider audience over here at I've already got my "house remodeling" blog over here and discovered how easy it is to post from my iphone. I've been working full time for my day job since around March and unfortunately have stepped away from painting a bit and time seems to have slipped away a little. I noticed my updates on my main website ( were few and far between. I decided that that's no good. Not that I plan on blogging all day from my iphone, but I've been kind of recharged. It's nice to take a break from something whether consciously or subconsciously and this coffee break is over. I've listed many wonderful pieces of art on that are available at some great prices. Over the next month I'll be revamping my main website and consolidating some things. I like to do this about once a year. It's kind of like spring cleaning for the studio. Updates soon...